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Let's bike

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Biker host Bernd

A typical motorbike tour with biker host Bernd from the Hotel Gran Paradis, starts shortly after the hotel exit, where the first highlights awaits you. For example the Fedaiapass with its water reservoir.

A few kilometres further we reach Colle Santa Lucia, which is also the hometown of Bernd's grandfather. There we will have short coffee break. Across the Zoldo Aldo we take a ride to the Passo Duran. The lunch break takes place in a great atmosphere directly at the Lago di Mis, where Bernd's colleague Fabrizio serves local suckling pig and other regional specialities..

After an espresso we have enough power for Forcella di Franche, the Passo di Cereda and the Passo Rolle Passo Cereda. The last kilometres back to the Hotel Gran Paradis leads you to wonderful landscape roads. Afterwards the the Aprés Bike can start at the hotel.


Discover Bernd's favorite tour: https://kurv.gr/HsOnr

Bernd´s Video

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