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Let's bike

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Biker host Georg

It is still the popular sunrise tour from the Hotel Sonnegg to the Großglockner, which always fully impress the biker host Georg and his guests. This incredible tour starts very early in the morning. After 30 minutes you will reach the toll station of the Großglockner High Alpine Road. This is almost the best feeling, when you drive up the empty Großglockner High Alpine Road.


After the incredible ride, Georg is preparing a small picnic while all guests enjoy the breathtaking sunrise at the Edelweissspitze. This atmosphere is unforgettable.


Afterwards you will have the option to join Georg back to the hotel and enjoy the daily breakfast or you go for a further ride and enjoy the beautiful roads in the region. We therefore can recommend the Nockalm road or a short trip into valley of Rauris.


Explore Georg´s favorite tour: https://kurv.gr/wHH7u

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