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Biker host Karl

The motto of Karl, the host of hotel Mondschein, is always: The destination and turning point is Valdobbiadene, a town which is well known for its Prosecco. To reach this wonderful and cozy town, great roads are waiting for you. For example the Lavazè Joch encompasses numerous curves followed by the Rollepass, which is almost 2,000 metres high. After this road you finally will arrive Valdobbiadene. A brilliant drive to Monte Cimon is followed and from there you will have an incredible view to Venice, which is still not far away.

After we pass the turning point of the tour, the Passo di San Boldo and the Pass San Pellegrino need to be crossed on our way back home to hotel Mondschein. Of course, this tour will be celebrated with a glass of Prosecco at the hotel bar. 


Explore Karl´s favorite tour: https://kurv.gr/1W8js

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