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Biker host Konrad

The 350 kilometre long Sauris Tour which is guided by Konrad, the host of hotel Condor, offers fantastic panoramas view of the Dolomites. These include the incredible view to the “Three Peaks”, which comes along with a cappuccino at a local restaurant. After passing Auronzo, hairpin bends around the Sella Ciampigotto and the Sella di Razzo are waiting. You will then find a real palate pleasure when you arrive in the village of Sauris di Sopra with probably the best ham in Italy.

After the small break the turquoise water of the Lago di Sauris will welcome you when you pass the Plöckenpass towards Austria. This pass encompasses a 50 kilometres long asphalt road with lots of curves. The Furkelpass is the last road which needs to be passed before you arrive in the hotel Condor again. 


Konrad´s favorite tour: https://kurv.gr/ct8gU

Konrad´s Video

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