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Biker hosts Astrid and Christian

The favorite tour of Astrid and Christian guides you across the Katschberghöhe, passes the valley Gmünd and ends at the Lake Millstätter. A quick stop in Millstatt is worth it. After crossing the Drau, the Windische Höhe is the next stop. With an altitude of 1,110 metres this pass is perfect for a warm up, while the Nassfeld pass follows shortly afterwards.


At an altitude of 1,530 metres you will finally reach Italy. Then you will cross the Sella Nevea. This pass leads you to Slowenia and is the highlight of today’s tour. Through the Passo de Predìl you can enjoy this motorbike paradise, while later the Mángart road, with its magnificent curves is waiting. Slovenia offers hundreds of wonderful roads: The Sočatal and the pass Vršič, with its more than 50 hairpin bends. This day trip ends across the Wurzenpass back to Villach and the Turracher Höhe to St. Margarethen.


Discover Astrid and Christian's favorite tour here: https://kurv.gr/Z18Sz

Astrid and Christians Video

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