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Let's bike


Biking fun in the Dolomites

Steep rocky ridges with jagged-edged peaks characterise the unique visual appearance of the Dolomites. An almost countless number of pass roads make the region an alpine cult. Our biker landlords Karl, Konrad and Bernd will show you the Northern Italian motorbike paradise. 

Who does not know the melodious names, such as Sella, Gardena and Pordoi, the mere sound of which causes an itchy feeling in the throttle hand? The fascinating Sellaronda, however, is only a small part of a huge network of pass roads, which has no equivalent anywhere in the Alpine region. Do you want to have any examples? Passo delle Erbe, Falzarego, Giau, Duran, Rolle, Cerada, Fedaia and so forth. A motorbike holiday at our biker landlords in the Dolomites is excellently suited for a short trip to Lake Garda and visits to inviting towns of Merano, Bressanone, Brunico and Caldaro.


Off you go – get the Italian (motorbike) moments with the “Let’s bike together” landlords!


Here you can find tour tips from our biker hosts  Karl, Konrad and  Bernd from the Dolomites.


Bernd´s most favorite tour - Mountain pass carousel

A typical motorbike tour with biker host Bernd from the Hotel Gran Paradis, starts shortly after the hotel exit, where the first highlights awaits you. For example the Fedaiapass with its water reservoir.

A few kilometres further we reach Colle Santa Lucia, which is also the hometown of Bernd's grandfather. There we will have short coffee break. Across the Zoldo Aldo we take a ride to the Passo Duran. The lunch break takes place in a great atmosphere directly at the Lago di Mis, where Bernd's colleague Fabrizio serves local suckling pig and other regional specialities.

After an espresso we have enough power for Forcella di Franche, the Passo di Cereda and the Passo die Rolle. The last kilometres back to the Hotel Gran Paradis leads you to wonderful landscape roads. Afterwards the the Aprés Bike can start at the hotel.

Tourcode powered by Kurviger: LBT19TIPPBERND


Karl´s most favorite tour - Rock ´n´ Roll

The motto of Karl, the host of hotel Mondschein, is always: The destination and turning point is Valdobbiadene, a town which is well known for its Prosecco. To reach this wonderful and cozy town, great roads are waiting for you. For example the Lavazè Joch encompasses numerous curves followed by the Rollepass, which is almost 2,000 metres high. After this road you finally will arrive Valdobbiadene. A brilliant drive to Monte Cimon is followed and from there you will have an incredible view to Venice, which is still not far away.

After we passed the turning point of the tour, the Passo di San Boldo and the Pass San Pellegrino need to be crossed on our way back home to hotel Mondschein. Of course, this tour will be celebrated with a glass of Prosecco at the hotel bar.

Tourcode powered by Kurviger: LBT19TIPPKARL


Konrad´s most favorite tour - Sauris-Tour

The 350 kilometre long Sauris Tour which is guided by Konrad, the host of hotel Condor, offers fantastic panoramas view of the Dolomites. These include the incredible view to the “Three Peaks”, which comes along with a cappuccino at a local restaurant. After passing Auronzo, hairpin bends around the Sella Ciampigotto and the Sella di Razzo are waiting. You will then find a real palate pleasure when you arrive in the village of Sauris di Sopra with probably the best ham in Italy.

After the small break the turquoise water of the Lago di Sauris will welcome you when you pass the Plöckenpass towards Austria. This pass encompasses a 50 kilometres long asphalt road with lots of curves. The Furkelpass is the last road which needs to be passed before you arrive in the hotel Condor again.

Tourcode powered by Kurviger: LBT19TIPPKONRAD

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