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Motorbike tours through the Grossglockner mountain range

At 3,798 metres, Grossglockner is the highest mountain in Austria, and is the best-known main character in the motorbike fun with our biker landlords Georg and Christian. However, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road is “only” the starting signal for a firework of bends and pass roads, which is kindled between the Upper Tauern region, the Carnic Alps and the Nock Mountains. 

The Gerlos pass road, the Zillertal scenic road and Pass Thurn are the starting round with biker landlord Georg. Eastern Tyrol and Carinthia, however, are on the programme of bends when you drive across Staller Saddle, Puster Valley High Alpine Road and through Lesachtal Valley. When Georg guides a tour to Rossfeld Alpine Ring Road and across Dientner Saddle, then it may well be possible that he meets his LBT colleague Christian, the landlord of Grizzly Hotel. He takes his motorbike guests to the Low Tauern and the Dachstein Mountain regions. It gets really sporty when you enjoy the fun of bends experiencing the Nockalm road with Christian, who gets the Corinthian cul-de-sac roads to Kölnbrein dam and the Villach Alpine Road under the motorbike tyres. Absolute highlights are the adventures in Slovenia – the absolute insider tip of Christian. Now then – crack the bends with our “Let’s bike together” landlords!

Here you can find the favorite tours of  Georg and the hosts  Christian and Astrid


Georg´s most favorite tour - Sunrise tour to the Großglockner

It is still the popular sunrise tour from the Hotel Sonnegg to the Großglockner, which always fully impress the biker host Georg and his guests. This incredible tour starts very early in the morning. After 30 minutes you will reach the toll station of the Großglockner High Alpine Road. This is almost the best feeling, when you drive up the empty Großglockner High Alpine Road.

After the incredible ride, Georg is preparing a small picnic while all guests enjoy the breathtaking sunrise at the Edelweissspitze. This atmosphere is unforgettable.

Afterwards you will have the option to join Georg back to the hotel and enjoy the daily breakfast or you go for a further ride and enjoy the beautiful roads in the region. We therefore can recommend the Nockalm road or a short trip into valley of Rauris.

Tourcode powered by Kurviger: LBT19TIPPGEORG


Astrid´s and Christian´s most favorite tour - Three country tour I-A-SLO

The most favourite tour of Astrid and Christian guides you across the Katschberghöhe, passes the valley Gmünd and ends at the Lake Millstätter. A quick stop in Millstatt is worth it. After crossing the Drau, the Windische Höhe is the next stop. With an altitude of 1,110 metres this pass is perfect for a warm up, while the Nassfeld pass follows shortly afterwards.

At an altitude of 1,530 metres you will finally reach Italy. Then you will cross the Sella Nevea. This pass leads you to Slowenia and is the highlight of today’s tour. Through the Passo de Predìl you can enjoy this motorbike paradise, while later the Mángart road, with its magnificent curves is waiting.  Slovenia offers hundreds of wonderful roads: The Sočatal and the pass Vršič, with its more than 50 hairpin bends. This day trip ends across the Wurzenpass back to Villach and the Turracher Höhe to St. Margarethen.

Tourcode powered by Kurviger: LBT19TIPPGRIZZLY

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