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Bernd Colcuc
Bernd's Lieblingstour

Carousel of Passes

220 KM / I

The pass fun starts already shortly after leaving the hotel where the Fedai pass and the eponymous artifical lake offer the first highlight already. A few kilometers further down the road, we reach Colle Santa Lucia, where Bernd's grandfather comes from, and here we have a short break for coffee. Over Zoldo Aldo we climb up the Passo Duran, where you can test the ideal leaning angle of your bike. The lunch break takes place in a great atmosphere right on Lado di Mis where Bernd's colleague, Fabrizio serves suckling pig and other regional delicacies. After a strong espresso we're wide awake, which is a good thing, because with the Forcella di Franche, the Passo di Cereda, and the Passo die Rolle, some serious steering work awaits the jolly curve hounds. The last kilometers are pure relaxation and as soon as we arrive at Gran Paradis the Aprés Bike can begin.


  • Passo Fedaia
  • Passo Duran
  • Lago del Mils
  • Passo di Rolle
  • Fedaia Lake
  • Valle del Mils
  • Passo di Cereda
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