The queen of Alpine roads and other Sonnegg passes

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The queen of Alpine roads and other Sonnegg passes



At 3,798 m, the Großglockner is not only the highest mountain in Austria, it and its ingenious High Alpine Road are also almost within sight of our partner hotel Sonnegg. Our tip first: take a whole day for the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. It is well worth it.

The queen of all Austrian panoramic roads with its special services for motorcyclists - biker safes, dedicated parking spaces, combined tickets - belongs on everyone's bucket list. At least once a year. The perfectly developed road was completed in 1935 and began its unique triumphal march in tourism. The dead-end road up to the Edelweißspitze still has historic cobblestones and we can get very close to the Grossglockner and its Pasterze (glacier) via the turn-off to the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. Very comfortable on the moped saddle.

Length: 48 km
Highest point: 2.572 m
Difficulty: easy to medium
Toll: yes
Winter closure: November till May

From Hotel Mondschein to the highest point:
Kurviger Route ›››››


Rossfeld Panorama Route

If we let our gaze wander far to the north from Hotel Sonnegg, we not only see the legendary Watzmann, but also the mountain world in which the Rossfeld awaits us, including Germany's highest panoramic road.

The Rossfeld panoramic road was built between 1937 and 1940 as the ultimate highlight of the German Alpine Road and was completed after the Second World War in 1953 and opened to traffic in 1955. Today, it is not only one of the driving highlights of southern Germany, but is also a popular test and race track.

Our tip: Combine your excursion from Hotel Sonnegg to Rossfeld with an early morning visit to the unique Königssee. - visit to the unique Königssee. Before the coaches arrive. This way you can experience what is probably the most beautiful corner of Germany in all its glory.

Length: 16 km
Highest point: 1,570 m
Difficulty: easy
Toll: yes
Winter closure: none

From the Hotel Mondschein to the highest point:
Kurviger Route ›››››


Gerlospass/Old Gerlos Street

With all the highlights around the Hotel Sonnegg, the Gerlos Pass just to the west doesn't have an easy time attracting our attention. Yet the Gerlos also has good arguments for an extensive visit.

The well-maintained Gerlos Alpine road not only allows us to speed around bends, it also gives us magnificent views of the famous Krimml waterfalls, the highest in Europe, in return for the toll.

And while the top of the toll road is almost 100 m above the actual Gerlos Pass, it is still suitable for beginners throughout. And just after the toll booth, the old (toll-free) Gerlos road branches off to the right. You should have a little alpine experience on a moped for this road, as the asphalt road, which crumbles heavily in places, swings down from the Gerlosplatte into Pinzgau in sometimes tight bends. Our tip: Make sure you enjoy the idyllic Gerlosplatte itself first, a high plateau with a reservoir and countless picnic spots.

Length: 37 km
Highest point: 1.628 m
Difficulty: easy to medium
Toll: None
Winter closure: None

From Hotel Mondschein to the highest point:
Kurviger Route ›››››

Text: Heinz Studt
Photos: Heinz Studt, Peter Wahl

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