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Kurven & Knödel karte

Where the biker's heart is racing

Our motorcycle tours in Tyrol, the Dolomites and the Großglockner Region will get the biker's heart racing. Breathtaking mountain passes, unforgettable moments, and plenty of curves and knödels will create memories that last a lifetime. When you finish the tour for the day, enjoy our motorcyle hotels with their inviting culinary delights and offers for relaxation!

Three Country Route
Astrid & Christian's Lieblingstour

Three Country Route

361 KM / A, I, SLO

Grizzly Sport & Motorcycle Resort, Großglockner

The route to the Millstätter Lake leads over the Katschberg pass and past the well worth seeing village of Gmünd. A stop in Millstatt is worthwhile not only because of the sculpture park. After passing …

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3 Country Tour
Charly's Lieblingstour

3 Country Tour

300 KM / A, I, CH

Hotel Weisseespitze, Tyrol

We start on the old Reschen Road toward the village of Pfunds and then wind our way to the Austrian-Swiss border. We now find ourselves in Unter Engadin as we discover, along with Guarda, one …

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Carousel of Passes
Bernd's Lieblingstour

Carousel of Passes

220 KM / I

Hotel Gran Paradis, The Dolomites

The pass fun starts already shortly after leaving the hotel where the Fedai pass and the eponymous artifical lake offer the first highlight already. A few kilometers further down the road, we reach Colle Santa …

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Rock and Roll
Karl's Lieblingstour

Rock and Roll

320 KM / I

Hotel Mondschein, The Dolomites

'On prosecco tour with biker host Karl' is the motto. Destination and furthest point is Valdobbiadene, a place that is known throughtout the entire region of Venice for its prosecco. Along the way, the architect …

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Klaus' Lieblingstour


310 KM / A, I

Hotel Enzian, Tyrol

We're off and only a few kilometers later the Piller Pass let's us know if we're prepared for today's hefty mountain tour. Did you take all the turns cleanly? Alright then, we head to the …

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Sauris Tour
Konrad's Lieblingstour

Sauris Tour

350 KM / A, I

Hotel Condor, The Dolomites

This tour of roughly 350 kilometers from Konrad offers, above all, awesome panorama views of the Dolomites. And of course the view of the Drei Zinnen is also featured already at the first stop where …

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Sunrise on the Grossglockner
Georg's Lieblingstour

Sunrise on the Grossglockner

252 KM / A

Hotel Sonnegg, Großglockner

The sunrise tour to the Grossglockner remains the one that is a total thrill for our Biker Host Georg and his guests. Departing when it is still dark, after 30 minutes you reach the toll …

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Silvretta Circuit
Jan's Lieblingstour

Silvretta Circuit

240 KM / A, CH

Apart Vivaldi, Tyrol

We take it easy as we roll out of the Vivaldi and into the well-known Paznau Valley. A little bit later it has cast its spell on us - the Silvretta High Alpine Road, also …

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Apart Vivaldi
Apart Vivaldi
Jan Wilmink
Hotel Gran Paradis
Hotel Gran Paradis ****
Bernd Colcuc
Hotel Weisseespitze
Hotel Weisseespitze ****
Charly Hafele
Hotel Sonnegg
Hotel Sonnegg ****
Georg Fresacher
Hotel Enzian
Hotel Enzian ****
Klaus Stubenböck
Hotel Mondschein
Hotel Mondschein ****
Karl Weissensteiner
Grizzly Sport & Motorcycle Resort
Grizzly Sport & Motorcycle Resort ****
Astrid & Christian
Astrid & Christian Graggaber
Hotel Condor
Hotel Condor ****
Konrad Leimegger