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Paradisiacal curve adventures

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Silvretta Pordoijoch

Our partner hotel Gran Paradis is like our favorite Greek restaurant at home around the corner: with heart-warming hospitality and a long menu full of delicacies - especially of a driving nature. The Gran Paradis is located near Canazei in the heart of the Dolomites. Our host Bernd Colcuc raves about three "delicacies" in particular - starting with the Pordoi Pass.

Length: 21 km
Highest point: 2,239 m
Difficulty: medium
Toll: No
Winter closure: None

The Passo Pordoi is after all the second highest of all the asphalted Dolomite passes, surpassed only by the Sella Pass, which "cheats" in these statistics, as its pass summit is at 2,218 m, while the actual summit of the Sella south ramp is at 2,244 m. And thus cheats its way to 1st place in the altitude ranking. On the other hand, the route over the Pordoi, with its 56 hairpin bends, is much more challenging and a wonderful pleasure to ride at an angle, which ranks high on Bernd's "menu". And before the Sella Pass.

From Gran Paradis to the highest point:
Kurviger Route ›››››

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Passo di Giau

The Passo di Giau is still a little insider tip on the "menu" of our partner hotel, Hotel Gran Paradis.

Length: 26 km
Highest point: 2,236 m
Difficulty: medium-difficult
Toll: No
Winter closure: possible due to weather conditions

This magnificent Dolomite pass still lies in the tourist "shadow" of the adjacent Falzarego and Valparola double pass to the west, which are two of the region's main biking hotspots. With the exception of July and August, we often only have to share the more challenging Giau with racing cyclists, who enjoy a real Giro d'Italia feeling on the Giau. And they need to be in good physical condition, as there are plenty of vertical meters and gradients of up to 14% to conquer. For motorized bikers, the Giau is a great deal of fun in the midst of magnificent landscapes.

Our tip: treat yourself to the Giau in both directions as perfect training for the fine art of alpine motorcycling.  

From Gran Paradis to the highest point:
Kurviger Route ›››››

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Silvretta High Alpine Road

Our partner hotel Apart Vivaldi is located in one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys in Tyrol. With a host whose favorite tour starts right outside the front door - without a long journey or even a preamble. Jan's absolute favorite is the legendary Silvretta High Alpine Road, one of the most beautiful panoramic routes in Austria.

Length: 23 km
Highest point: 2,032 m
Difficulty: easy to medium
Toll: Yes
Winter closure: November to May

The provinces of Tyrol and Vorarlberg share this amazing road with 34 hairpin bends. It was created as a lorry track up to the construction site of the Silvretta reservoir and was built from 1938 coming from the Montafon. However, we owe its final expansion to a real construction scandal: after the dam was built, no contractor was prepared to take the now unnecessary huge excavator on the Bielerhöhe back down into the valley. So from 1951 onwards, the excavator, with changing drivers, made its own way down to Partenen for a good 4 years, thus forcibly creating the route of today's High Alpine Road, so to speak. Our tip: Treat yourself to the Silvretta High Alpine Road from both directions.

From Apart Vivaldi to the highest point:
Kurviger route ›››››

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