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Klaus Stubenböck
Klaus' Lieblingstour


310 KM / A, I

We're off and only a few kilometers later the Piller Pass let's us know if we're prepared for today's hefty mountain tour. Did you take all the turns cleanly? Alright then, we head to the Ötz Valley where the Stuiben water fall where we stop for a quick coffee break. Between Sölden and the Timmels saddle we're served a large helping of asphalt and the twisting road is exquisite.

At the Crosspoint on the pass summit we get to experience, on one hand, an almost unbelievable motorcycle museum and, on the other hand, a great lunch in a "good vibrations" atmosphere - including some cool biker decor. Shortly afterwards we find ourselves in Italy where we enjoy the enticing curves of the beloved motorcycle stretch of road that leads down to St. Leonhard. And from there we immediately ride uphill again on the Jaufen pass which also wants to show us its motorcycling potential. It provides some unbelievable photo ops as well, which we'll soon be posting on Facebook to send the jealousy level of those who stayed home up to the next level. The old Brenner Road which comes next is comparatively relaxing, but not the least bit boring. The Kühtai saddle rounds things out with its artificial lake, beautiful panorama mountain views and, or course the 'Dorftstadl' - a mountain chalet with a view. We'll burn the calories from the scrumptious apple strudel as we take the turns back down towards Ötz before we continue on towards Landeck.


  • Piller Pass
  • Ötz Valley
  • Jaufen Pass
  • Kühtai Saddle
  • Piller
  • Timmelsjoch
  • Brenner Pass
Timmelsjoch-Jaufen-Kühtai map